Fruit machine tournaments

Online fruit machine tournaments are organized on a regular basis by various UK online casinos. In online fruit machine tournaments it isn’t crucial to beat the fruit machine like it is usually, it’s important that you beat the other players joining a certain tournament. When you beat the other players you can win a very interesting cash prize. These days there are fruit machine tournaments where you can win as much as 10 pound up to one million pound!

Great fruit machine tournament casinos:
Some of the best online casinos to play fruit machine tournaments are placed below. Simply click on one of the links below, sign up with them and join the fruit machine tournament excitement!

All Slots
Sign up bonus: 100% on first deposit up to £200.
No download: No download and download version.
Special promotions: Almost every day (also nice slot tournaments with cash prizes).
Jackpot fruit machines: multiple
Helpdesk: 24/7 professional English support
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Ladbrokes Casino
Sign up bonus: 25 pound without deposit (!) or 100% on first deposit up to £100.
No download: Gamble without download.
Special promotions: Almost every week.
Jackpot fruit machines: Multiple (microgaming).
Helpdesk: 24/7 professional English support.
Click here to play at Ladbrokes casino.

General fruit machine tournament tutorial
Of course there are different kind of tournaments, but in general it works like this. Somewhere in the casino lobby you’ll find a button that says something like slot tournaments. When you click on that button you’ll find a range of data when tournaments are going to take place. When you find an interesting tournament you can join that tournament. The entrance fee for a fruit machines tournament vary. When you can win a prize of 50 pound with a few other players the entrance will be lower then when there’s a tournament with a prize of a 1000 pound. Some great fruit machine tournaments can be entered for only 2 pound!

When you have selected the slot tournaments and paid for the entrance you’ll get a certain amount of coins (these coins are only valid for and during the tournament). All the other players who joined the tournament will have exactly the same amount of coins. So everybody has the same chances to win. The key for success is to have more winning combinations at your slot machine then the other players. Every winning combination will give a certain amount of credits. If the credits of all your winning combinations are higher of all the other players then you end up as number one of the tournament and you’ll win the top cash prize.

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