History of the Fruit Machine

Origins of the fruit machine
Fruit machines actually were first invented a long time ago. They were invented in the year 1895 (eigtheenhundred ninetyfive) bij a certain mister Charles Fay. Charles Fay originally was an immigrant form Germany (in Europe), who had settled in the city of San Fransisco, , California, in the United States of America. This fruit machine was patriotically named Liberty Bell, aftre the famous Bell of Liberty. Even though through the years the machine’s appearance has changed, this very First machine always remained a model voor all following models of the gambling machine. The machine’s mechanics generally remained the same over time.

The First jackpot
The Libery Bell machine used to contain three bars. One bar containing hearts, one containing diamonds, one bar displaying spades and the last bar showed the Liberty Bell symbol. When a player had three Bells in a row, he would be the Lucky Jackpot winner, meaning we would be a stunning fifty dollarcent richer! Charles Fey’s fruit machine was a story of succes, and it didn’t take long before their was a lack of space in the relatively small store that was his property.

The next generation of fruit machines
After twelve years of the Libert Bell being a succes, an entrepeneur from Chicago town, who used to sell arcade machines for a living, started with a different machine, strongly resembling and inspired bij Fay’s Libert Bell model. However this type displayed 10 more symbols on each seperate bar, next to the existing symbols. This new product was better suited for transportation than the original model, which was a great improvement.

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